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Best Friend

For All the Best Friends Who Keep You Sane

Our beginning is a fan favorite

We laugh every time it’s told

It shows how we started

And it’ll never get old

We’ve had our moments

When drama caused us pain

We each made our choices

We’re (amazingly) still sane

From the start we clicked

I knew there was nothing to fear

It’s a need to tell you everything

I can’t believe I’ve only known you a year

Through all my years

Friends have treated me like crap

No one ever made me feel safe

It was always some kind of trap

I was about to give up

But I’m glad I didn’t

This year opened me up

You helped make me brilliant

So I just have to thank you

From the bottom of my heart

Cause you came into my life

And made it a work of art

There’s no real word for what we are

We’re gonna be there for each other till the very end

So I have one last thing to say

Thank you for being my best friend

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Best Friend
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