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Within Us

The encapsulating dew drops of time stands still inside of me

When the winds of the departed glaciers melt away 

Tainted memories of you

How many broken bells must we ring to awaken the truth lies beneath us

However high and low was your point of breaking downs until you 

Taste the lies

There are heartfelt realizations of an earnest apology and

 The stumbling 

Downward to uproar tundra of unforgiving angry falls

No matter the distance of the illusions of space between our times

Fate seems to navigate with our internal engine to find what was meant to 

Be found

It is the fractures of moments that lures us to cherish and cautiously Recapture the chills 

With each closing and opening of these paths to redemption; we found our Soul

Somewhere and something will always remain silently still and yet it stuns Our hearts to wake us

Trickling down beyond the controls of how a lesson we all linger to let down

Saturating each additive for the seasoning to our own dying song is what Eats us

At times it was the unrefined and undermined matters that may be the Quench to our thirst

It is not the must-haves and should've been; sometimes there are no Reasons

With rough and raw edges comes the simplest and truest formations to Our chambers of love

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Aiyan Turley
Aiyan Turley

Return to Innocence of my soul is to be in acceptance of darkness underneath the light.  Life has U-Turns and sometimes second chances are the ones that will create redemption within ourselves.  Always with Love in everything that breathes

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