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Being Kind

To yourself and others

life is odd 

life is long, but also so so short 

decisions you make have different outcomes 

getting angry at the cashier who’s making your coffee a little slower than usual, but is overworked and underpaid achieves nothing 

saying it’s okay, and don’t sweat it means you’ve made someone else’s bad day, not so bad anymore 

smiling at someone who looks a little under the weather can help so much 

sometimes it’s okay to walk in the slower lane and soak in the sun, or soak up the rain

just take a moment and realise that things could be worse. you can afford a coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate. 

it could always be worse. let’s learn to give life a little more love. 

we don’t always have to take life at 110 mph. sometimes a gentle stroll is enough

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Being Kind
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