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Being Human

Poem of Depression

Sometimes I feel inhuman

And sometimes I don't feel alive.

I have no feelings

and sometimes no soul.

A soul makes you alive

And feelings make you human.

Those are things that others have.

Those are things that I want.

I watch the world around me,

Waiting for the time to come,

Where I would finally get the things I want.

Feelings and a soul, things I want.

Cutting, burning, scratching, and meds.

These are things I've done to gain the things I want.

They never satisfied completely and never lasted.

Feelings and a soul, things never gained.

Suicide and homicide

Have run through my mind.

Attempted both but never committed.

Feelings and a soul, running through my mind.

Talking and writing

From one crazy person to another.

Crying and fighting are all that happen while trying.

Feeling and a soul, just trying.

Feelings and a soul.

It's all the fault of some mix of chemicals.

Why oh why can't I have the right mix.

Drugs and alcohol are the only things left.

But I have to choose:

Do I want Life or do I want Death

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Being Human
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