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Being a Poet in 2018

On How Being a Poet Is Hard Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow

i don't know what's worse

being a poet in 2018

and submitting poems through DMs

trying my words over shitty photos

of dried roses that lie in the bind 

of some random book

or over sparklers

sparklers are pretty

especially when you put a filter on them

or maybe a mountain peak

that'll do the trick

what's worse

being a poet in 2018


having your words never be

seen or heard


if someone read the first stanza

or even grazed over the words

with their fingertips

that would be enough

Emily Marucci
Emily Marucci

There’s only one thing Emily Marucci values above the written word, and that’s family. Born in the late ’80s to a creative brood, Marucci found deep inspiration in storytelling, a nightly ritual at the dinner table. 

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Being a Poet in 2018
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