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Behind the Trees

What are you waiting for?

Dwelling in NO MAN'S LAND feels at home. 

Subconsciously and consciously fearing the unknown.

PEACE BE STILL, never rapid.

Please be still, but never stagnant.

Please release whatever's captured,


Creating visions of the rapture,

where there's no room for laughter.

Or smiles, or holding hands for that matter.

The shatter, of the thoracic cavity can be silent,

with little to no chatter.

Or it can be massive and a hundred times faster. 

or just maybe it can evolve you into a master.

Of your own reality, creating prosperity and vibrating happier. 

Releasing baggage.

Finally going behind the trees to see what's back there. 

When emotions flow, you'll never be trapped there.

Forgive and let go.

with love, LUNA LOTUS.

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Behind the Trees
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