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Beginning Again

Late Night Thoughts

"What is it like to begin again?"

I relate our lives to the little things that we forget we accomplished in our younger days of existence.

It is like jumping off a diving board for the first time, afraid to break away from gravity’s comforting hold. The pool has never been an opposing threat to us, just a large body of water confined in the symmetrical linings of concrete. We wonder why this body of water is so blue, so tranquil though it is man-made. Are we crazy for making something so beautiful but we destroy our inner created beauty at the same time?

We know the leap of faith towards the unknown is out of our control, but the reward is euphoric. We close our eyes as the cold blue water hugs our bodies and we awake from those feelings of uncertainty. A smile emerges from our lips as we resurface back to the rippling waters of reality. Life does go on, with or without you. Despite the bursts of uncertainty and self-doubt, we accomplished our goal(s) and are here now. What once has been horrifying to comprehend is now our strength. To whoever is reading this, we are all going to be okay in this life. You are going to be okay.

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Beginning Again
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