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Bee Beauty

Bee Fly High

Pollination of the world

  The sky is pale as a dandelion, my blood is red 

as the heart you place on my chest, to revive 

me from all the sadness that swarmed around 

me; like a hive of disturbed 🐝 with no smoke 

to calm them.

  Bees fly high with no care in the world until 

you disturb them; then it’s a attack of the bees 

and they will not stop until you are no longer 

living. They thrive off air exhaled during you 

last breath.

You see all living things have a turning point, 

only time will tell once that point has been 


  Be careful even organisms attack at a certain 

point like the bees that swarmed you for 

disturbing their honey.

Keep you hands, feet and other objects to your 

self is the motto; but as humans we can’t; we 

have to disturb things.

  Fly bees, fly you have no worries I will let you

 be as the bee you are. Pollinate the flowers, 

and rebuild beauty, create precious golden 


I see the beautiful flower that you help 

reproduce and give life to the earth. I think to 

my self what a wonderful world these little 

creatures help make beautiful.

Don’t strike my little friend you have no 

worries with me, I only long for you beauty. 

 No need to strike and emit a light sent 

undetected by the human nose, 

for reinforcements to strike me down until I’m 

a breathless, lifeless, soul.

Fly bees, fly high and proud.

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Bee Beauty
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