Because Society Said

Wake up, fight for our future.

Can’t you see? The system has cracks. 

All they seem to care for is counting money stacks.

Just take a look around, something isn’t right.

You see, our only dream is to make it through the night.

The children are the future, yet their minds are being corrupted by what we now call a ‘tutor’.

Teens are lost in societies needs.

If only they could see, it is never as it seems.

Without a degree, you’re considered a fool, at-least that’s what we’re all taught in high school.

We are a generation that’s waking up, all we have to do is climb from this rut.

There’s wars on sexuality, race and religion too.

It’s bound to start with: “I am better than you”

We are not losing hope, but we’re running short on time.

When we stick together, we have all of the tools to make this world shine.

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Because Society Said
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