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A Poem

Got pimples? 

Wear makeup.

Hairy arms? 

Shave it off


Starve yourself 

Small boobs or ass? 

Plastic surgery 

Going on a date? 

Heals, makeup, tight dress, tits out and your good to go! 

Wait! Hold up! 

Something isn’t right.

I hate tight dresses and heals 

Makeup is not for me 

I like my hairy arms 

I’m fat? 

Nah, I just love tacos 

Plastic surgery!!!!! 

I’m to broke for that, ha!

Let me put on my beanie and sweater and I’ll show you that beauty comes in a tortilla with carne asada and chili verde on top

I’ll take you on a date at midnight to get some tacos from my local street taco truck in my pj’s and flip flops and you’ll realize what beauty looks like

Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!

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