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It’s all around us.

A vail of stars greets the night

Countless and bright

My heart wishes it could soar,

To you in your arms.

As we stare at the same moon,

I can't stop thinking about you.

I've been in the dark for countless years,

Again Again,

Alone and in the quiet shadow

lurking through;

Empty hallways, with endless voices

keeping me company.

Until I met you.

With your eyes a flame grew and grew

Warming my lonely heart.

Lighting the lantern of my soul.

Glowing brighter and brighter.

With each passing day.

I was lost, for now Im found.

Awaiting to see your loving face again.

Like a winter turning into spring.

You bring life again to my heart.

Lighting the lantern of my soul

Growing brighter and brighter.

Higher and Higher.

Till the flame kisses

The stars above.

The beauty I love.

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