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Beautiful Lie

The Lies You Told

It was a Beautiful Lie! You know the one you told me when you said you loved me

A beautiful lie! You know… the one you told me when you said you cared

A beautiful lie! When you said I was the one, when deep down inside your feelings for her were never gone

It was a beautiful lie, when you said you’d protect me. You remember the one when you said you’d never reject me.

A Beautiful lie! This whole relationship

A Beautiful lie? Feels more like a Charade of bullshit

But it’s no surprise to me, the lies and all the deceit

It is who you are! A Narcissist, an over achiever whose dishonesty was constantly on repeat

You switched me roles and made me believe, that I was the crazy one... and you’d claim defeat

Jokes on you… I am so much stronger than you think

But because of your lie… I have to thank you for the odds I beat

And for putting me through hell and for thinking I was weak…

A beautiful lie! One that filled my heart with Joy

A Lie That thankfully you alone destroyed

The truth seemed so sad and hurtful

But in all reality… it just made me somewhat really grateful

Makes me want thank you… for showing me that I am a Great Fighter

I survived a lie that could have killed me

But instead I took it like a champ and used your Narcissistic Abuse to push me even farther! 

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Beautiful Lie
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