James Fuentes
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Beaten by Those Who Protect

Through the Fear of a Colored Man

The question is do we want to be free or safe?

Being truly free I can kill whoever I want

When and where

For anything petty

Freedom is Freedom

Both good and bad

For better or worse

The marriage of this concept

We only view the good

Like heroin

Before it kills you

As a society we chose safety

We chose to have people uphold it

Given the necessary tools

Trained to know when and where

But yet I am scared

Still I remember the electric bolt from a weapon of safety

Loss of control of my body

A chemical burning on my face and throat

As they try to calm the situation

Fear is the ultimate weapon

Until a revolt happens

Then peace is the only way

But after all history repeats itself

I was only fifteen

Kings would often execute those that opposed them

A way in which to uphold the sanctity of society


The law of any land

Freedom has to be limited

That is why we have laws

To protect from one another

But what about those in which are supposed to serve and protect

They have freedom to hurt us in our “safe” society

Scars are everlastings

Rodney King will know this

To fear safety is not safe

It’s in our nature to socialize

Laws are slightly bent to the breaking point

But in mutual agreement for nobody is perfect

But a tool used to stop the most primitive of us

Against those that embrace the choice of safety

Fear invoked

Anger sprayed into the lungs and faces of many

This is not safety

But hidden slavery

Not like pre-civil war

But scars run deep

From the pictures

And cultural anthropology

We want an apology

Our oppressors can’t apologize

If they don’t see what they did wrong

Don’t get mad at those who uphold our safety however

For they are taking up the daunting task

To evolve first

It’s a learning process

We were meant to embrace freedom

But instead we're trying to evolve

To embrace safety

Errors have to be made

But now it’s time to learn

My fellow friends had to experience the pain I went through

I thought I wouldn’t have to relive that

Luckily I wasn’t there

Knowing more have to fear the concept of safety

Makes us want to truly embrace freedom

But I know what that tastes like

For those that are supposed to serve and protect

Are trained in the primitive ways

Of freedom

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James Fuentes

Young individual who studies anthropology at SUNY Brockport with a voice that hopes to change the world through the two oldest aspect of civilization in which be communication and emotion.  

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Beaten by Those Who Protect
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