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Be Wary of Me

A Poem

Be wary of me 
My eyes will enslave you 
Bring you to your knees 
And wish to worship me 
I will shake you to your core 

Be wary of me
I will love you unlike anyone else 
Bring you joys beyond imagine 
Make you think this is Heaven 
And have you falling for every move I make 

Be wary of me 
I am a tidal wave of desctruction 
I bring havok wherever I land 
I will make you believe in magik 
For there is no way I am real 

Be wary of me 
You will care for me like you have no other before 
I will convince you that I am the best 
And I will leave when you are not 
I am a disaster in a red dress 

Be wary of me 
I will hurt you 
And I tell you this now 
For I do not wish to hurt another 
But I do not think you can stop me 

Be wary of me 
For I am wary of me 
I watch my madness take over 
Without a way to end it all 
I am sorry for the pain 

Be wary of me 
Do not get closer 
Do not engage 
For if you love me
If you fall for my devil eyes and silver tongue 

I will hurt you in the end

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Be Wary of Me
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