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Be Like the Clouds

A Poem

Picture courtesy of Isaiah McKinney

Give up. Go ahead. Give up! Be like the clouds and disperse for you are too weak to hold yourself together. Disperse yourself, rid yourself from this Earth if you find that everything is uselesss. Those who see only uselessness are useless themselves. So disperse, weakling! 

For the life of the weak is meaningless. The life of the meaningless is purposeless. The life of the purposeless is death itself. This world is not meant for those who are weak; it is not meant for those who look not for their meaning; it is not meant for those who seek not their purpose; it is not meant for those who are here only to die. 

If the Sun can move across the infinite sky everyday for as long as man can tell, why cannot you live? If the ocean can lap at the land for millennia, cannot you rise from your seat? If the clouds can separate yet come together for the remainder of the Earth, cannot you find your meaning; find your purpose; find your life? 

So arise and live. Be like the clouds and reform after assailed by afflictions, becoming stronger and larger than before. This is your life, do not waste it.

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Be Like the Clouds
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