Be a Man

You Don't Have What It Takes To...

"What does it mean to truly be a man?"

What does it mean to truly be a man?

The world claims to know the truth, be a man.

Scornful eyes judging, the jury agrees

you don’t have what it takes to be a man.

Model humans, made of some lean plastic,

they dance for their masters to be a man.

You are a mouse trapped in their jungle,

Hyenas laughing, ‘you can’t be a man!’

Damsels need saving, you must be their shield.

Turn flesh and bone into steel, be a man.

You are not Depp, Tatum, Beckham or Pine,

women will not think you can be a man.

Words, like glass daggers, will always cut deep

to write in your blood: ‘you must be a man.’

Stomach like a shovel, arms of veined iron,

your body is not your own, be a man.

You must be the leader, take full control,

to follow means you cannot be a man.

The fear burrows its way inside. You ask

your reflection, ‘Self, can I be a man?’

Their voices haunt you, chains around your throat.

Be strong, be calm, be in charge, be a man.

The heart is a weakness, ignore its call.

Feelings prevent you from being a man.

Six packs are the six closest friends you need.

Chisel them from marble and be a man.

Wear a shell; it is your only armor.

They can’t see you refuse to be a man.

The struggle many suffer in secret,

stop your whining, boy, and be a man

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D.A. Baldwin
D.A. Baldwin

I am currently a student at a university, trying to find my way in life, while also trying to write a book. Lots of ideas bouncing in my head for potential articles, so we'll see how that goes. Cheers!

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