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In all fairness I've slowly become careless,

These bald headed lies continue to make us appear


I wanna be an outsider, but who else is all in?

They claim I have pull but would I drown if I were to

Fall in?

Some say I'm marked by whatever it is that scarred


I'm too young to be a perishable item I wonder if heaven will

Card me.

Your judgment is a warning that you're too scared to know what I am


It's not the dark turn life has taken but the responsibility of whom

Was steering.

If I don't hand off the clock I may find a better way to pass

The time,

Until you're driving the bus you'll never know what it means to stand

Past the line.

These results have a slight chance of ever concluding


Continue digging for such answers and you may end up


Who are you? The ones lurking in the shadows waiting to throw


Again and again with your tests that carry no


Rid these childish adults of their toys by making them pay the

Fischer Price,

If your cast isn't real you will be paying the Fishers'


What if I put a name to the anonymous?

What can I throw down this pit to know that it's


Win it by a hair, am I certain that the victor was the


What if I line up all the usual suspects from the tallest to the


What if I decide to go the extra yards equipped with no


Can I work through these psychological injuries giving these fractures no


I tried to warn you though prevention was the


The courtesy of my extension was only met by your


Shall I look to second chances and the agony it


Must I wrestle a bitter strategy to pin down such


A little too unfamiliar, what kind of role have I


What if my final draft is too rough to be


Michael avant
Michael avant

Hello fellow creators. In short I'm nothing more than a very big fan of this art form we all love called Poetry. Playing with words and thoughts, bending and twisting ideas is all part of this therapeutic yet challenging past time. 

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