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Barker Ranch

Charles Manson

Welcome to the Family, we will set around the fire.

I will tell you a story, I am here to inspire.

The Guitar strums, this acid will help you Succumb.

You are lost; Today I will make you Numb.

I am a man of the mountains and of the streets.

Together we as a family will have many defeats.

Us against the world, the world against us.

There is no longer anyone outside us that we can trust.

I will satisfy all of your needs for pleasure, greed, and lust.

Now let us smoke like a shaman and drink like fish.

Let's count the ladies, They will fulfill your every wish.

Because of them...

The atmosphere is disappearing.

The trees are cut down and animals killed during clearing.

The water is poison and the air is full of smog.

Our soil is turning into a bog.

The world out there...

They don't care; They have no heart to share.

They take from us; Let's show them what is fair.

Now go out in Hollywood and paint it red.

Humanity will be saved from the blood that is shed.

Charles Manson...

I am no leader...

Just think of me as a weeder.

Whose garden was overgrown.

Why label me? Just leave me alone.

I am the devil pretending to be a god.

But, it was not me. It was that broad.

They call me crazy; They say I am to blame.

I did nothing at all, I feel no shame.

I just tell my Truth, now I am enjoying the fame.

I am nothing but a petty car thief.

This concept is more than all of you can conceive.

Just a stupid man.

Why can't you understand?

A child does not understand wrong.

I was just singing my song.

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Barker Ranch
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