Baptizing Nightmares

Inspiration from an Abomination

My sister

had a seizure


I thought

she was having

a bad dream.

Like she was

running away

from something.

Maybe she was.


caught up

to her.

I ran

to my mom's room,

waking her up.


all we could do

was watch.

When the ambulance

showed up,

they began 

asking her questions.

She gave out

a laugh.

Which I thought

was the most



in the world.

Her laugh.

God bless

her laugh.

May her laugh

cleanse us

of any

and all

of our nightmares.

Raymond Deleon
Raymond Deleon

Writing is what I do. Its possessed my soul. Poetry, articles, reviews, stories, jokes, and obituaries are the only things that stop the pain. This is my dream, my nightmare, my life. Someone please send help. 

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