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Banksy Mindset

Wrote This Watching 'V for Vendetta'

"They demoralized the faithless and laugh in religious faces, tell us to believe in them, that they provide the grey spaces, tell them they can't believe in god if they don't believe in Jesus, tell them they can't follow Allah if they can't "Americanize" the teaches, tell them to believe in science is the Divine work of Satan and tell the world that the illuminati has the world forsaken...

Where do I belong?

Where do I belong?

Cause every thought has a conflict and every conflict has a start with a thought that has us all mistaken...

Money has a god complex because we all pray for it

Love has lost its context to a wet path and an erectile direction

Things that are broken aren't fixed, only met by its replacement

Tragedy and problems sell more than triumphs and solutions

An adjacent thought is silenced by trying to utter the name of the pill.

Rebellion and power have come to a standstill.

Knowledge is replaced with knowing, because in some cases, the smarter the phone the better the googler.

Music, something cultivated out of inspiration, has become a mainstream of poisonous mutter.

What the rich lack in faith, the poor horde in material possessions.

I just don't understand the meaning of man's obsession.

Seems as if we are all guided by an outsiders inception, rather than relying on our own perception.

When will we heal from corruption's disdain?

When we get past the hypocritical political novocaine...

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Banksy Mindset
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