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Had a Strange Dream, Created This

Staring in the mirror

making eye contact with my reflection.

Tilt my head side to side,

checking for deception.

Blonde hair and green eyes

stare back at me.

Curious face and

Pale skin is all I see.

Must be me,

I think internally.

But something catches my attention.

A flash of red in the corner

of the reflection.

I lift my hand.

A blood soaked bandage wrapped






What is this?

I feel no pain.

Feel no fear.

What is this?

I frown.

I go to peel away

what’s left of the material.

It oozes and leaves residue.

My finger appears…frayed.

The blood continues.

But I find no gash.

No cut.

No rash.

But still, it continues.

There’s another bandage in my hand now.

Instinctively I go to wrap my finger.

But it won’t stay.

The blood continues down

my fingertip.





A puddle forms on the floor.

Crimson red flooding to the door.

I look back to the mirror.

Still not in any pain.

But I get the bigger picture,

I can’t be fixed, so the blood remains.

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