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Bad Day

Depression is real.

Depression and Chronic Illness have many faces.

My chair’s too hard,

My back’s too sore,

My teeth are hurting

More than before.

The light’s too bright,

The sky too dim.

The room is too quiet,

But I can’t hear for the din.

My head won’t shut up,

The voices are jumbled,

And in the corner

My sanity is huddled.

My clients are fighting,

At least in my head,

And the room they are in

Is now painted red.

Now tell me again,

How depression isn’t real,

How anxiety is just nerves,

That we all get to feel.

I wish I could show you

Inside my struggling brain,

See for yourself

The battle and the pain.

Maybe then,

Your words would be kinder,

Your actions supportive

Without constant reminder.

Maybe then,

The world would be thoughtful

And my bad days

Would be less awful.  

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Cathylouise Ablett
Cathylouise Ablett

Professional writer, mother and wife. I've been living with a long term chronic condition for nearly 22 years. When I'm not writing, I spend time with my family, I enjoy walking the dog and attending live, mainly local gigs.

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Bad Day
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