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(B)uck You


It's hard to enter a locked drawer of thoughts,
Buried under a pile of suppressed emotions, tears and

A white lie, the key is not far but unreachable

The key is traceable but unwanted.

Opening the portal to someone else's desires is a crime,

Allowing powerful or mighty stupidity to breach your space is a crime

Laughing and agreeing to be politically diplomatic, for the opponent to have acquired terrain, is silly

The need to throw up is evident but witnesses are of great want

Only by doing so, will there be an end or resolve to that incessant mind drill, in the aim of unscrewing unnecessary hinges...

How can a birthday present, coincidentally turn into vague snapshots of terror and an eternal fear for a loved one,

Fear needs to be faced but not this!

Mix a potion of horror, tears, some fake smiles to pretend to be a tenacious being with a high dose of adrenaline pumped up by loathe,

The end result will be anger, hatred; a vindictive wish momentarily...


"What should be extracted from this, is the real world rarely shows signs of humanity, but rather promotes segregation of all types so that the powerful can rule, and the weaker get more and more cornered till its edges cannot be distinguished from its core... annihilated!"


Tears rolled down her cheeks, her mind screaming at her to say anything, to articulate at least something, but by the time words came to her mouth, the expected voice was unheard.

She tried, again and again, but nothing verbalised,

Her heart was having its own mind for the moment, and running towards nowhere in particular, something her legs should have done long ago, but instead could not...

Hence, just like the Jack follows the Queen who in turn walks in the King's shadows,
Everything made sense and finally, it hit her
Disappointment followed temporarily as meritocracy was non-existent,
Ensued a rollercoaster of emotions too fast to dwell on and feel that she collapsed in her temporary bed half her size, in that distinct doll-house.

An untimely phone call but always anticipated only lasted briefly. She calmed down and made an effort to forget what happened

Yet after these years, it is still haunting but fading...
I hate you but thank you.

A chronological countdown: how everything was designed to his desire for ease of a worthless act. But for her, blindfolded by future promises and the very first taste of achievement, she barely realised she walked right into the spider's web, self-ornated as the price without or with a price tag.

It was unexpected and

Nothing can be altered about it, 

Just like the first lipstick stain tainting the perfect porcelain rim of a cup of tea,

This side opens up people's hedonistic, egoist, vulgar, lustful, nonsensical ways

A zest of everyday life once you're officially a functioning adult in this damned society

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(B)uck You
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