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Awaiting Your Arrival

Pregnant Women's Poem

The closer the days get the more anxious I become.

Months have passed,

Hours talking to you,

minutes feeling you,

And yet I still haven't seen you.

Love what you can't see,

and feel what you can’t hold.

Each day I grow excited,

each day you continue to grow.

I have so many feelings to express,

so many stories to tell.

So much to teach you,

and so much love to spread.

My heart beats with you everyday,

and our shared meals bring us closer.

Only weeks left.

Only days and hours.

I love you more than I have ever loved anything.

Wanting to protect you, wanting to hold you.

I hope I can teach you all you need to know.

I hope you can teach me some things too.

But until the day you come,

until I see you.

I will spend every day, every hour.

Awaiting your arrival. 

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Awaiting Your Arrival
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