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Autumn Vibes

That Autumn Feeling

Autumn is the start of when all the leaves off the trees start turning beautiful colours from red, gold, and brown. Along with prickly conkers cracking and popping. Through the days the leaves start to sway and float to the ground spreading along the gorgeous path with the crunchy leaves and branches snapping. 

As the sun starts to rise through those foggy misty morning's, as you lay in bed all cozy, you feel warm and dreamy. As you're wrapped up warm with a blanket, feeling fresh. 

As the shorter days come like a sense of cool air, you feel warm inside close to the fire with a book in your hand and a warm hot chocolate with a spice of pumpkin warming you up. 

You know winter is round the corner but not just yet.............. 


Jessie Davis

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Autumn Vibes
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