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Autumn Leaves

A Poem

When I see these autumn leaves 

drift by my lonely window

I break away and sigh

And when I see these autumn leaves

break from these lonely trees

across the painted sky

I ask myself; Why?

Why must we all die? Just like the autumn leaf, break free into the sky.

Why? Why must we all die? Glide high beyond belief, please smile before you cry

I see these many branches, who've had their many chances,

to break away and fall

But they remain patient, stay in dedication enduring through it all

As I look back at these autumn leaves and these lovely trees, my tears begin to fall

because I take pride in living life, but when we die,

it'll be the end of it all...

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Josh Mars
Josh Mars

I'm Josh, a 19 year old aspiring poet. I heard about Vocal through a friend and the concept really caught my attention, so here I am! I really hope you enjoy everything that is to come. So buckle up for the ride!

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Autumn Leaves
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