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Autumn Haiku

For My Favourite Season

The turning begins

And I start breathing faster

October excites

Pink trees! Pink trees! Pink!

Ivy changes colour too!

So much new to me

Grass glows greener yet

With a slick varnish of rain

And pulsating leaf

Sky is full of trees

Demanding our attention

Given, happily

Sturdy purple friend

Soon your cloak will drift away

But I’ll still hug you

Halloween buzzes

Drunken blinking and cold legs

Papers torn, smile whole

Pumpkins everywhere

Too warm here for them to rot

Makes a welcome change

Carpet of dead leaves

Why are you so beautiful?

Please stay here awhile

Wet leaves stuck to shoes

Invite themselves in, no harm

done, I welcome them

Dark comes sooner now

Far too late, I mourn the sun

Gleaming on gold leaves

Cruel November rain

Makes of beauty mealy mulch

Life food, smells final

Cold comes cracking in

Pull down tight on knitted hat

Brisk air, fight me now

Wind knocks me over

This is just the beginning

For now, I say hello

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Autumn Haiku
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