Zionaeus Shekhinah

Hey, I'm Zion. I am black, gay, liberal, realistic and I love to write. 

I Am
2 years ago
I am not your "Baby" or "Sweetie" or "Hun" I won't be your "darling” I'm not here for fun I could be Janet - Madonna - Gaga I won't be your nanny, maid or mama Because I'm gay don't make me a bitch Go...
2 years ago
Oh Father, How I wish I never knew you. A footnote in a lengthy novel series. A stray thought whenever I hear the word "Dad". Do you think of me at all these days? How you've failed me? Shall we count...
2 years ago
Restlessness. The inability to cease one's thoughts successfully for a prolonged period of time to achieve actual calm and therefore be able to drift into a peaceful slumber. Restlessness. The constan...
2 years ago
The pigment of my skin tone has never been relevant enough to me to be considered a possible source of contention or derision or dissension, and yet, this has been a major factor in the course of many...