Ziggy MD

I've been writing poetry since 2006 and my passion for writing never left, with exceptions of monthly/yearly writers block. As far as influences, I don't have any because I'd like my poetry to be my own and not a copy. 

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10 months ago
Raindrops hit my face, soaking from the frustrations of the world. Skin numbs, I can't control my actions... So much anger built up inside, how do I hold up? Sleepless nights, so many thoughts run thr...
a year ago
The foul smell of dead corpses in the morning, far from being sane… Hands stained from an unknown blood massacre, “can’t remember what just happened.” Helpless individuals, the reaper slashed them wit...
The Killing
a year ago
Isolated, choking on your words. Rope held up by a thread… Your flesh melts to the floor… Anger flows through your veins. Eyes sewed closed. The silence of tragic lives, Reality takes you in a roller ...
a year ago
I've lost who I once was... This reality is distorted, Confined from my humanity, “I can't reach my sanity!” Fallen to the dark side of my mind, where I have no control. Bones crumble upon impact, in ...
False Destruction
a year ago
Friction builds underneath the soles, As you're forced to walk down a hallway filled with razor wire and shattered glass, The pain you'll endure will be immense. Pre-existing blisters burst and blood ...
a year ago
You enter unconsciousness, except your mind believes you are still awake. Laying in bed with another and they ask for a favor, Speech is impaired beyond your grasp; The unidentified person who lays in...