Zach Grattan

There’s a story in every dish, but most people find it kind of hard to listen with their tongue.

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Fiddlehead Blessings
a year ago
I have a hard time deciding if there's a cruel irony to beauty or a lovely prologue to loss. When I feel the hem's of 2010s jeans wet with notch road grass, I wonder how many times I've left. I wonder...
a year ago
Some Andromeda traveler came through last night feeding stardust to horses in plain view, tonight he steals glances through torn windows and time-space. Only visiting, time shares in fallow Des Moines...
Jamaican Futures
a year ago
A time machine for yesteryear eats friends and bottles jump intake. The future calls and smells like rum, distillate coconut debris. The kindly conch man shakes some life into salty bones, “come on no...