Yvonne Knight

I'm trying to find a place for my writing.

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Born to Lose
3 days ago
I was born to lose, No matter what I do, I just can't seem to break loose, From the stupid things I do, Life seems to work against me, Never for me, I feel like I'm dying on the inside, I can’t disgui...
This Is Not That
11 days ago
You know those songs and poems, Going on and on, About running back, This is not that, In fact I'm never coming back, I'm running away from you, And the unfaithful things you do, You probably think th...
Find Words with Power
a month ago
Find words with power, To inspire in the darkest hour, Even when life sours, Reach down deep, In that secret place you keep, Ignite your inner light, Don’t let the darkness define everything you do, O...
Get Up
a month ago
Get up Get on with it, Stop hesitating, Stop contemplating, Stop asking what to do, You already know what you want to do, You are scared to lose, You are scared to choose, You are scared to make the w...
Love That Heals
2 months ago
Taking my clothes off for him again, His fingers on my skin Leaving me yarning within Searching for the warmth, but there is no heat, His touch leaves me exposed and cold, He no longer ignites my fire...
Shoot Then Think
6 months ago
Kids have nothing better to do, Then go shoot up schools, just because some kids were cruel to you. Is that what you think you will do? That they will be dead, So, what if they’re dead, They will just...