Yvonne Knight

I'm trying to find a place for my writing.

Mr. Tin Man
2 days ago
Mr. Tin Man Mr. Tin Man, why do you want a heart? They fall apart, At the drop of a hat. Did you not know that? In fact I have many scars across my heart, I wish I had your armor, Before another charm...
Pills That Made Me Ill
3 days ago
Pills Made Me Ill Doctors filled me with pills, That made me Ill, Baclofin put thoughts in my head, That I’d be better off dead, Alcohol made me feel no one cared at all, Driving to the dock I had no ...
Bullies on Youtube
7 days ago
What can we expect from today’s youth raised on YouTube? A generation that would rather smoke weed than read, A generation that thinks that weed’s a miracle seed, Never mind the brain bleed, Because o...
A Mother Will Lose Her Son Too Soon
9 days ago
+I find it so absurd that people cannot express their hurt with words, Loud gunshots are all that is heard, A boy lie bleeding in the streets, A mother holding her child while weeping, While thinking ...