Yvonne Knight

I'm trying to find a place for my writing.

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Drawn to Someone I Do Not Love
3 months ago
Woke to you in my bed, No, not this again, Drinking and not thinking, Who I was seeking Never thought about the trouble I was reaping, We break up, To make up, It’s a trap, Looking back, Can’t believe...
I'm Going to Put the Bottle Down
3 months ago
I’m going to put the bottle down, Which is harder than it sounds, As the water dilutes the brown color, Inside my head a voice hollers, You can’t do this without the liquor, He gets rid of the pain qu...
I Never Thought
4 months ago
I never thought I'd see a stranger in your eyes, I never thought I would wonder what’s behind those eyes, I never thought I would wonder are those lies you tell me, I never thought I would wonder if y...
Gave My Love to a Fool
4 months ago
Gave my love to a fool, Before you, If I knew you, I would’ve loved you I would have been true, The wait, Made me ack, I needed someone to love, If I knew you’d come, I wouldn’t have loved the wrong o...
This Side of Sober
5 months ago
This side of sober, Might not last much longer, The devil on my shoulder, Turning my world colder I’m yearning for the burning, That coats my throat, The toll on my soul, Will be high, The devil lies,...
Remember What Happens in This Bed
6 months ago
Remember that whatever happens in this bed, Secrecy is to be pledged, All day sexual fantasies in my head, Of you and me having sex in my bed, Let's go under the covers, My perfect lover. My tongue lo...