Yvonne Glasgow

Yvonne is a blogger/writer (IAPWE-certified), self-published author, and poet. She has a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching, is a certified Metaphysics practitioner/ordained, soon to have a D.D. in Spiritual Counseling.  YvonneGlasgow.com.

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When the Monster Comes
5 days ago
In the dark, the mists will rise They’ll come about before your eyes Like steam rising from a warm lake While you sleep, with your soul to take Dreaming comfortably for now But something is coming, yo...
I Believe in Me
14 days ago
You can't keep me down I'm no longer your clown Your words are like weapons But my faith is a shield Your knife doesn't cut all that deep Anxiety is not insecurity Your words reflect your own impurity...
I Vow
15 days ago
You're everything I've ever wanted, that’s for sure Everything I’ve needed in a partner You're my rock when I need someone to prop me up Everything you give me is always enough You’re my teddy bear wh...
4 Reasons Writing Poetry Is Good For Your Health
a month ago
When was the last time you wrote a poem? What was it about? Not everyone writes poetry, but there are plenty of people that do. It’s not something only lovesick teenagers do either. Poetry is a beauti...
The Ghosts Of Nevermore
2 months ago
The enigma I see I close my eyes But I can’t be free Engulfing me now Holding me somehow I let it go I let it go Why is it still haunting me? Everyone walks away The birds fly south Someone, please sh...
Hallowed (A Tribute to Halloween)
3 months ago
With Halloween just around the corner, now that October is here, I thought it was a fine time to tell you all about my new poetry and short story book, Shallow Graves And Ghosts, and share a poem from...