Yvonne Glasgow

Writer/Editor.IndieAuthor.Poet.Artist.Crafter.Holistic Life Coach.Spiritual Counselor.Certified Metaphysics Practitioner/Ordained. glassgoatpublishing.com YvonneGlasgow.com theartofdreamsanddivination.com IG: theartofdreamsanddivination

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Honeymooning with King Kong
6 days ago
She rode the elevator to the third floor, her husband by her side. As that box held up by wires rose slowly, the couple spoke of the things they’d seen so far. Julia Roberts’ bright smile. “I Dream of...
Moving in the Wrong Direction
20 days ago
Swirling, swirling Spinning around like a top Not a toy, a human But I still can’t seem to stop Like the Tilt-A-Whirl at the county fair Spinning, I’m spinning out into the atmosphere You ever have on...
A Dismal Nursery Rhyme
6 months ago
I want to die Stick a needle in my eye Shove it deep into my brain 'Til I can't come back again ...Don't want to come back again ...Never come back again Eye for an eye I want everyone to die Kill the...
Now I Lay Me Down
6 months ago
One night when I lay down to sleep My soul I could not pray to keep For from the darkness there did creep Something from my conscious deep Those nightmares always keep me awake And a night of sleep I ...
I'm Not a Victim
a year ago
Fear controls us. That's a simple fact. Our fear allows us to attract People that only mean to hurt you. They feed off your fears and weaknesses. They add to your messes. Wake up from the effects of o...
You Are YOU
a year ago
You are you Who are you? You are the person no one else sees You are what everyone sees but doesn't understand You are the ruler of this land The land that lives inside your mind You are someone that ...