Yvonne Glasgow

Writer/Editor, Indie Author, Poet. Holistic Life Coaching Ph.D., Certified Metaphysics Practitioner/Ordained, working on Spiritual Counseling D.D. Owner of Glass Goat Publishing and #supportgrandrapids Literary Journal. YvonneGlasgow.com.

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Life Is What You Make It
17 days ago
Happiness clouds my hate Now that I left things up to fate I love, I care I even dare To let myself have fun Since I've found the one After I thought life was done. People come and they go How it will...
No One Gets In
18 days ago
Bottled up No one gets in In this way, no one wins But loss is the winner When you've abandoned the sinner Closed for business It's shut down That part of me You'll never see It's locked away for now ...
Her Struggle
2 months ago
The words chill her veins Slicing like knives to the flesh Tossed like daggers at a rabbit It’s a habit Of some To attack And then run But she is not a victim Her senses are keen Her intentions, never...
Who Are You?
2 months ago
What a mess life can be Until you're able to finally see Beyond the shallowness of some And find the ones that are your home. You look and look, but never find Then you tell yourself "Never mind." And...
2 months ago
Sparkle sparkle Your glitter heart shines But your soul is littered Damaged and resigned Let it go Because no one knows The darkness you hold You'll give it away Before you begin to fade Shiny little ...
The Rain (In My Eyes)
2 months ago
Rain, pouring, drenching Pounding on the pavement Clicking on the roof, dripping Crying from the sky Like the tears in my eyes Clouds opening and letting go Draining on the world below Reflections in ...