Yasmine Rivera

I am 15 years old with a passion for writing poetry and books.  My material is incredibly melancholy, so do not forget the tissues.

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In Our Last Moments
7 days ago
The soft, fair white skin that my thumb grazes upon I can still feel it on my skin. The pattern that my thumb took grazing your cheek I still remember it. Your pupil dilated every time you looked at m...
Today I Saw Dragonflies
17 days ago
Today I saw a swarm of dragonflies and it made me think of you. The person whom died exactly a week before my 8th birthday. The person whom I loved. You were my best friend for almost eight counting y...
The Two Doors
2 months ago
You tasted like Ecstasy. The drug I needed to set me free. The key to the chains. Once a prisoner with darkness being my comforter. Master was evil. My chains glided across the floor when he hurt me. ...
The Obsession
2 months ago
The tone in those eyes was immense. Piercing my heart. Leaving gaping holes. Suffocating without your air. Struggling to live without your voice. The want for you was out of control. The obsession gre...
I'm Sinking
3 months ago
My body shivers as it sinks into the cold, dark water. My head still above the surface. I try to escape its grasp. The grasp that pushes me under. I flail my arms. I scream. But nothing works. I go un...
I Want You, I Wanted You
3 months ago
Its been a few days since I've seen her. Its been a few days since I've seen him. Its been a few days since I've seen his smile. Its been a few days since I touched her fair white skin. Its been a few...