Yasmine Rivera

I am 15 years old with a passion for writing poetry and books.  My material is incredibly melancholy, so do not forget the tissues.

I'm Sinking
6 days ago
My body shivers as it sinks into the cold, dark water. My head still above the surface. I try to escape its grasp. The grasp that pushes me under. I flail my arms. I scream. But nothing works. I go un...
I Want You, I Wanted You
7 days ago
Its been a few days since I've seen her. Its been a few days since I've seen him. Its been a few days since I've seen his smile. Its been a few days since I touched her fair white skin. Its been a few...
I Wish I Had Been Stronger
13 days ago
I remember yelling for him to stop. I remember fighting back. Punching. Kicking. Screaming. But, I was too weak. It hurt. It hurt so bad. I can recall the pain. The voice telling me to shut-up. Tellin...
I Looked at Myself
13 days ago
I'm sorry I failed you again. I'm sorry I failed you to the point that you had to put your hands on me. But afterwards you said you loved me. You said I was being disrespectful and had to shape up. Yo...
13th Street
a month ago
We would play on the swings of 13th Street. We would ride our bikes along 13th Street. We both lived on 13th Street. But you died on 13th Street. The precious laugh that replays in my head when I pass...
I Was Still Standing There
a month ago
Here I am standing on top of a pad of sand. The sun is coming down on my skin. It is a blanket. A nice cozy blanket. The water waves back and forth covering and then uncovering my feet. The salt glues...