Yannick Taylor

Hi. I'm Yannick. I'm a Black Transgender Woman. I am a recording artist, blogger, and Vlogger.  I write about Transgender Rights, HIV/AIDS education and more!!! Follow me on Twitter: YannickTMusic

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I Am a Melanated Memoir
7 months ago
My melanin tells a story. My melanin holds history. For centuries my melanin has been the backbone of civilization. Since the dawn of time, my melanin has created, discovered, and recovered. My Melani...
The Elephant I Ignored
7 months ago
We met on a Fall evening. The air was crisp and I was single and ready to mingle. You made the chill of the air go away with your warm, velvet voice. You made me laugh. You made me dance. You made me ...
Big Red Smooches
a year ago
Darling Love, this journey has been a good one. It has had its ups and downs. However, this journey has come to an end. With this fact and tone I bid you adieu. I put on my red lipstick and I send big...
Madame Queen
2 years ago
Who Am I? I am a being that you can see with the naked eye. My existence you cannot deny. I am the Madame Queen. The Madame Queen has been in existence since the beginning of time. She has been societ...