Wulfwaru the Lonely Writer

I'm an aspiring writer who has nothing better to do than write.

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My Dark Enchantment
a year ago
Seas of deep blue and floating diamonds light years away, Further and further you lead me astray, This world keeps on turning, the sky is still burning, Haunting me until the break of day. You lead me...
My Bitter Heart
2 years ago
I loved you once, I loved you twice, And I'll love you all through this sorrowful night, When we meet again, I'll give my wings for your flight. If I had my life to spare I'd only die once again, Thro...
The Banshee of Blackheart
2 years ago
Unto the summer of day and night, Under yon is the where the creature takes flight, But sooner does thou learn their lot only e'er be as prey, As the light dims and so does the day, Woe to the untouch...
The Gifts of the Solar Sea
2 years ago
The warmth of the sun, Is where all the tiny wildflowers find the most fun, The twang purples of the lavender, The fragrance of the earth is my reminder. A long wait is ahead, But let us tread, An ope...
2 years ago
Silently watching this ethereal curtain go down, Vanish away into the grey stormy seas, A quiet prayer for those who cannot sing, I go down on my withering knees, This charred world burnt to the core,...
Scarlet Silver
2 years ago
Love is a killer with dangerous smile, Murdering its victims with delight, Dark is here, out with the daylight, Like a serpent it spits venom in spite with effortless guile, It is burning but cannot k...