Wulfwaru the Lonely Writer

I'm an aspiring writer who has nothing better to do than write.

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Purple Dawn
a year ago
This is my last transmission, my final salutation, Like rivers of clear crystals, my tears flow ever onward, Out beyond the dark of night, A lantern strikes the gloom, Wildflowers of purple and blue b...
A Moon's Despair
a year ago
I wonder within a long walk, This arduous journey of mine, Painful steps trace back to my dark dungeon, To a blooming meadow of maroon roses we meet, Tedious singing charms are all I have until we fin...
The Last Lonely Revenant
a year ago
Heed the hallowing call, The desire a man will deny, For the sorrows are but lies, The split marrow at the end of the fall, Hiding a trust bound to fail, A promise was broken by a fault. Riding the du...
Men of Power
a year ago
A red dawn is nearing so close, Kindred souls gather to ensure terrible throes, Between men of power, they care not of the soon to be widows. Thousands of hundreds of feet they beat the soil, Wishing ...
Our Heaven
a year ago
Hollow is your silent grave, Tied down to guilt you must muster all your strength and be brave, Spent and cold you suffer all alone, Once you held a title above for all the gods to behold, This is you...
Forgiveness' Burden
a year ago
A silent watcher holds all of the keys, I'll show you the sea of drowned starlight, Of straw houses and broken mirrors to haunt forever, Memories of the sweetest kisses ever, a wondrous flight for a h...