Virginia Boen

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The Silence
a month ago
Quiet on all fronts and as for me a silent storm. The silence is not evil but beautiful and vibrant in colors. A beauty that is unspoiled and unspoken. The silence is not a season nor are there reason...
a month ago
Love is an ocean that flows into the sea and gently washes the shore. Love will lift us up to the sky and the moon might shine. Love is forever but it can fall apart and if it does. Love will never co...
2 months ago
Every day when time flies away from both night and day, seconds tick away as the tears begin to fall from my heart. I see the outside from within, but I walk away from it now and then. I have done wha...
5 months ago
Tears can happy and sad but with you they stream down like waterfalls. when my tears fall like rain I can't tell what I should feel... shall I dictate my heart whether to smile or cry? My heart beats ...
5 months ago
Angels flying to heaven and making the sun rise, these angels are everywhere. Angels kind and sweet thy name is heaven's helpers and they come where you do not see them. Angels are invisible because t...
Letter to Heaven
6 months ago
I seem to frown more than I could imagine. I hope you sing heavenly songs with everyone. O, I miss you but perhaps I shall see you again. Perhaps I shall see you in the back of my mind. Maybe even hea...