Virginia Boen

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3 months ago
Tears can happy and sad but with you they stream down like waterfalls. when my tears fall like rain I can't tell what I should feel... shall I dictate my heart whether to smile or cry? My heart beats ...
3 months ago
Angels flying to heaven and making the sun rise, these angels are everywhere. Angels kind and sweet thy name is heaven's helpers and they come where you do not see them. Angels are invisible because t...
Letter to Heaven
4 months ago
I seem to frown more than I could imagine. I hope you sing heavenly songs with everyone. O, I miss you but perhaps I shall see you again. Perhaps I shall see you in the back of my mind. Maybe even hea...
My Kitty Cat
4 months ago
My little kitty cat has gotten fat but I still love my kitty cat , he is cool as any old cat but he is mine. My cat's divine even though he is scared of tiny bugs and little mice but his cuddles are a...
8 months ago
The rose I see is there for me and none smells sweeter than any I have seen. The rose is red and shows no dred , it joy does show when it opened I spoke no word. My body was still as was heard and all...
The Night
8 months ago
The Night was a dark wave of stars in the sky. All I could do is say oh my and why if ever there were beauty to see. The Night it would be and wrap my mind deep in stars as they are. The stars swirl i...