Violet P. Davies

Words make me feel fulfilled occasionally.

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Late Night, Foggy Fever
a year ago
The nerves in my feet are blood-hot And I don’t know why Behind my forehead everything is dead But the sky is crackling And I don’t want to go to sleep, Even though I can feel myself falling, falling,...
Shadow Self
a year ago
I am ready to self-destruct I welcome it With open everything I want to bathe in ice cream And watch the sun rise at the end of long nights That I stayed awake through for no good reason I want to hid...
Not Everything
a year ago
Got up early for class, and came straight back home Having left you between my sheets I had things to do, but I didn't want to So I lay there and watched you sleep You have freckles on your eyelids Yo...
Colour (Closer)
a year ago
Dance, oh You know how Flow through my skin I will drink you, drink you in But not too full yet I don't know what I might get So I watch, here For in Eden there's no fear Oh........ Closer You see wha...
Hard Soft Man
a year ago
Hard soft man, I do what I can Hard soft man, I do what I can But you don't make it easy, No, you don't make it easy to love you You're so easy to break, but you grit your teeth You're you easy to bre...
Twilight Haiku
a year ago
Indigo canvas Speckled with playful pinpricks Of brilliant white light Full moon majesty Hangs heavy, while startled sky Blinks in glaring light Deep black silhouettes Barely catch the bold moon rays ...