Violet P. Davies

Words make me feel fulfilled occasionally.

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Snow Leopard
6 months ago
No longer remote, my tail in my mouth I gave up my power, so won’t you come out? I’m terrified to let you in So take your chance before I turn around Scamper away, on furry legs To my icy mount, where...
Eggshell Treadmill
6 months ago
I feel things that shouldn't matter But they do to me, and I don't want them to Which makes me want to punch a wall I feel like the world is a treadmill But I got all turned around And now I'm standin...
Grey November
6 months ago
Every day's another cup of candy cane-flavoured diabetes Because I'm far too good for alcohol And hey, it hasn't snowed yet But I'm almost wishing the grass away Because like everything else It died a...
Stained Glass
9 months ago
Sunlight Streams in Catching on everything Making it gleam Warming copper threads in my hair Radiating ripples from the water Through the window To the table Refractions Of beauty In glass Is it all s...
Liking Sad People
9 months ago
When missing something makes you too sad to want it And you’d rather hate yourself than fix the problem You’ve convinced yourself that you can’t fix the problem It won’t last, but it’s a blast of ice ...
a year ago
A commanding forte resounds From the open maw of the baby grand Yanking me back into the room From which I had departed In meandering contemplation of my place in the book The end of a chapter? No It ...