Violet P. Davies

Words make me feel fulfilled occasionally.

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Liking Sad People
7 months ago
When missing something makes you too sad to want it And you’d rather hate yourself than fix the problem You’ve convinced yourself that you can’t fix the problem It won’t last, but it’s a blast of ice ...
a year ago
A commanding forte resounds From the open maw of the baby grand Yanking me back into the room From which I had departed In meandering contemplation of my place in the book The end of a chapter? No It ...
a year ago
Pomegranate juice running down her chin Ebony eyelashes growing wet with tears Realizing She has been deceived Even as the bright, bittersweet tang Plies her ruby-stained tongue with confusion, as Had...
Late Night, Foggy Fever
a year ago
The nerves in my feet are blood-hot And I don’t know why Behind my forehead everything is dead But the sky is crackling And I don’t want to go to sleep, Even though I can feel myself falling, falling,...
Shadow Self
a year ago
I am ready to self-destruct I welcome it With open everything I want to bathe in ice cream And watch the sun rise at the end of long nights That I stayed awake through for no good reason I want to hid...
Not Everything
a year ago
Got up early for class, and came straight back home Having left you between my sheets I had things to do, but I didn't want to So I lay there and watched you sleep You have freckles on your eyelids Yo...