Veronica Williams

Chicagoan in GA. Currently married to the night.

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She Hyper
2 months ago
I hated myself fiercely, 'cause nobody liked me. Too weird, Too different, Same ol' odd child story. 1995, I realized, I felt so alone, So different, but, I couldn't be anyone else. By 1996, I was iso...
This Is 33
3 months ago
I learned how important I was, When the little blue card arrived, And I wasn’t invited. His eyes shone bright, His fingers danced with ambition. With alcohol, With gathered friends, A rented room, Wit...
Get Well Soon
4 months ago
Laptop betrayed me, Wallet passed away, My greatest love departed. I’ll be 33 in fifteen days. When does this get better? I forgot the part Where my hair stopped mattering, Where school starts soon, A...
4 months ago
The dishes washed themselves, As the apartment cleared its own path, As the search for his purchase found itself. The extra bags of groceries Carried themselves to the door, And your companion is in y...