Tyler Skye

Writer, poet, hopeless romantic, lover of art, fashion, style, design and self expression through these things. Currently focused on going back to school. Hopefully my writing invokes inspiration and creativity.

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Too Little, Too Late
2 days ago
You're the only one to bring out this side of me Suddenly the distance gives you anxiety What about the nights when I'd lay breathless In my bed, up for days, completely restless And you were the only...
Pins & Needles
10 days ago
Daily games of russian roulette Ruled by a planet loving chaos and danger Dripping for you when blood comes through And I see nothing wrong with my lifestyle Woke up sick this morning, again And they'...
Astral Visits
2 months ago
There you sat gazing in my direction I could feel eyes locked on me My every move was being watched Though judgment not the goal The way my body in synch Swayed with the dreams direction And you reach...
Happy Realizations
5 months ago
Staring at a picture of you How did you get so beautiful? I know you hate this one, but I love it Cause I start to reminisce Back to the very beginning, My mind begins to drift. Floating away on cloud...
While Aboard Public Transportation
5 months ago
Weeping, I weep now As if thoughts of us Watching them playback In my mind, such beauty. And rage, I'm full of now, Hurt and anger filled. I only wanted to touch Your skin, your skin, perfection. I ju...
Ode to 2019
5 months ago
Finally I've reached that day! The one where I stand tall Pondering with feet planted upon mountain peak, What is important? This comes from within; A heart filled with strength And courage and drive ...