Tyler Skye

Writer, poet, hopeless romantic, lover of art, fashion, style, design and self expression through these things. Aspiring attorney, maybe my writing will shorten the gap to law school...hopefully it inspires someone!

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Happy Realizations
2 months ago
Staring at a picture of you How did you get so beautiful? I know you hate this one, but I love it Cause I start to reminisce Back to the very beginning, My mind begins to drift. Floating away on cloud...
While Aboard Public Transportation
2 months ago
Weeping, I weep now As if thoughts of us Watching them playback In my mind, such beauty. And rage, I'm full of now, Hurt and anger filled. I only wanted to touch Your skin, your skin, perfection. I ju...
Ode to 2019
3 months ago
Finally I've reached that day! The one where I stand tall Pondering with feet planted upon mountain peak, What is important? This comes from within; A heart filled with strength And courage and drive ...