Tonia Sky

“Vulnerability is terrifying. The courage it takes to reveal your heart is one of the most daunting... and yet rewarding experiences in life. It will set you free.” - The Better Man Project

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Seven Weeks and Five Days
15 days ago
Child of mine I imagine you with the sweetest eyes So divine Gorgeous girl Or handsome boy I’ll never know... But in my dreams I see you and I know You would have been perfect Gracious child I hold yo...
Is It Loneliness That Makes You Call?
15 days ago
Is it loneliness that makes you call? Or could it possible be, your love for me? Is it me that you miss? Oh how I long for your kiss ... I know it’s not me No matter how bad I want it to be... I wish ...
Going, Going, Gone
23 days ago
I am here and you are not What a dreadful thought Still I stand barefoot by the coffee pot Watching it drip... drip... drip Then I’ll sit and sip... sip... sip I push through the day Aching with this ...
I Couldn't Do the Laundry Today
a month ago
I couldn't do the laundry today I could barely get myself dressed I couldn't do the laundry today I am such a mess I sat on the shower floor for 45 minutes Wanting anything than to get back up I could...
On the Edge
a month ago
On the edge, all the time Do I want to scream or do I want to cry? I snap in an instant I feel so distant I swear there are two different people living inside of me Both impossible to please I want to...
a month ago
I never knew you, yet I think about you everyday Losing time wondering what your face would look like Wishing you were here, to feel the breeze on your skin And the warmth of my kiss I felt you inside...