Tonia Sky

“Vulnerability is terrifying. The courage it takes to reveal your heart is one of the most daunting... and yet rewarding experiences in life. It will set you free.” - The Better Man Project

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All I Ever Wanted
12 days ago
All I ever wanted Was someone to understand To see the pain I go through Even when I try to hide I’ll never ask for help I don’t want your pity I just want someone to see What’s going on with me I sho...
12 days ago
I watch the road below Waiting for you to come home Just a child I didn’t know The drugs were calling And you had to go The thought of my mother Putting needles in her arms Breaks my heart and aches m...
It’s Not Okay and I Don’t Know Why
19 days ago
It’s not okay and I don’t know why All I want to do is cry No tears come out To free this pain I sit in silence Listening to these thoughts in my brain I don’t know how to make you see What is going o...
Never Really Mine
21 days ago
I search for pieces of you in everything I do My memories never let me forget you Why oh why Do I hold on so tight? When you were never really mine I miss you when I drive I miss you when I lay down a...
I Don’t Sleep Anymore
25 days ago
I don’t sleep anymore I lie awake Never really sure Times when sleep does find me Dark dreams haunt me One after the other At the speed of lightning New ones play over and over I don’t sleep anymore H...
I Can’t Fall Apart
a month ago
I can’t be weak because my own mother won’t catch me I can’t fall apart because no one will be there Nothing but this thin lonely air I cannot succumb to my sadness or pain inside Forced to push it as...