Todd Worrell

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Thinking, Hiding, and Watching
9 days ago
thinking about that month, those weeks, a day years shuffled at an intentionally hurried pace, with places to go, no time to stay it wrinkled our clothes and bleached our hair we ironed them out and d...
Unexpected Trust
9 days ago
How far do you trust a feeling? How long can I follow this trail? How much will you say to another? How true can I be to myself? icy ground cracking underfoot with the thawing of spring and slow rebir...
Chance, Spring, and Our Talks
9 days ago
Take one chance, throw the ring Who here knows what a new day brings? Clichés and counterweights abound In this forsaken one-horse, one-trick town. Making love under the moon and starlight Like we rea...
11 days ago
Love me fiercely but be cautious, unashamed though humble, even tentative; Penitent and gaily sinful, clumsily erotic yet adroit; Embrace flesh with wanton ease Recognize our summons and accept the re...
11 days ago
Counting days, go one by one Plans once made, never done Lapses in time, now unexplored Paths then seen now disappear come walk. watch lilacs bloom. snow has melted. grass is new. let's make plans for...
11 days ago
I stood there, arms out, bathing in radiation, the three of us there - a scene, an act, a play Do you recall that song? It plays in my silence, my ear. Its a unique melody, but aren't they all? My sol...