Tim Ellerbe II

I am a Musician, Author and Artist. Find out more on my Facebook page. Tim Ellerbe II for the uninitiated :)

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a year ago
I shall be silent for there are no words to describe what I feel Shhh… From these lips come Nothing But my thoughts race all over, around and through you Tangled in your hair caressing your cheek hugg...
a year ago
Once again A daydream laden afternoon paralyzes me as thoughts of you race through my head at some ridiculous speed and #[email protected]! Your scent was luscious like your kiss, so giving as you wrestled for contr...
My Beautiful
a year ago
I know it when you touch me when you look into my eyes I feel it when you speak my name but let there be no mistake This is more than just a feeling for you are surreal Ever just beyond my reach never...
a year ago
I have been in love with you forever day one of our meeting was heaven to me I have been envious of those who did not deserve you wishing I could be in their shoes treating you right The touch from th...
Touching Your Soul
a year ago
I treasure my time spent with you each touch, each smile each kiss of your scent the moments never linger quite long enough Though they fashion for my eyes the most beautiful image of you as well they...
How to Make Love to a Woman
2 years ago
Relinquish the remote control make pleasing her your focused goal You would do well to lose the ME It stands in her way Free tapping out love’s sweetest song will truly tell her she belongs Pray, set ...