Tiffany Hamilton

I am just a pebble in the sand, aspiring to become a rock. 

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How Dare She Allow Herself to Get Raped
6 months ago
There's a knot in her throat her eyes are overflowing with tears She is disgusted disgusted because men see her as just a body as their personal entertainment as If she was only put on this earth to b...
Constant Battle for Self
6 months ago
crippling pain it's always the same "it hurts" "where?" he says "everywhere," she whispers almost out of breath She's been feeling like this for 7 straight days The pain is both physical and mental He...
6 months ago
That feeling of not being able to breathe That feeling of wanting the pain to leave Rolling up my sleeve To fight To fight for my sanity To win the war against anxiety Not knowing what’s inside of me ...
The Dark Silence
6 months ago
As she lay in the dark silence, Her thoughts run wild. They go back to the times, as a child, When she would run free When she would scream, "You can't catch me!" As she ran away giggling Her little f...