Thomas Sebacher

A fiction writer and editorialist from the Midwest who writes poetry, short stories, and non-fiction. I provide leftist views and social commentaries upon wealth class, and equality.

A Question Asked in Darkness
4 months ago
In darkness broached the man his subject. “Who are we, what are we, and why are we?” He asked the people. The man then stood, waiting for an answer. None came. None would ever come. For even now, ther...
The Persistence of Memory
5 months ago
The darkness of the storm, Would give fear and hate In equal measure, As the raindrops beat upon the windows. A Man stared out into the darkness, As the rain renewed its assault. There remained only t...
To Burn the Earth
5 months ago
It is gone. Condemned to flames, For they were wrong. The world was wrong, and we were not, For from their thoughts they sought To rule the earth. But as a fire upon the hearth, It burns. It burns awa...