The Freewill (RDW)

“In all things be FREE”

Draw Your truth. Write it down. Give it wings. 

There’s no one way to live nor there one way to be 

So in all things be you and in all ways be Free

My Brotha...
10 months ago
I wish you could understand I wish you could understand how generations of “Me” have been gentrified Gentrified by a genome Giving us no X-planation Y, Only to leave my brothers and I mentally castrat...
Caped Crusaders
10 months ago
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's... I am vengeance. I am the night!! I... AM... You're friendly neighborhood... It's funny. I always wondered what the thrill of being a "superhero" was all about. Was i...
To Pimp a Caterpillar
10 months ago
To the caterpillar that didn’t become a butterfly. I applaud you for defying the laws of nature — becoming who your are and not what the world views you as. Ever since you came out of your cocoon, I’v...