Terri Lyons

Weez Here
10 months ago
Weez Here We shook the southern dust from our feet for the last time, By foot, mule, train or truck, Dixie is at our back and a new day is ahead, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York, We final...
Tough Truckin
10 months ago
Tough Truckin’ As the Puritans dried up the alcohol And the influenza virus waned, As another anniversary of Red summer came around As Butter Beans and Susie gained Vaudeville fame, A fever took hold to hit the northbound road, We packed up everything we owned To board the Orange Blossom Train Heading up the Atlantic Coast. As the stock market rose And the stock yards grew, As Henry Ford’s invention Created jobs for glass, rubber and steel, As the trap doors of speakeasies Hid the booze, Jim Cro...
Blood, Sweat, and Fire
10 months ago
Blood, Sweat, and Fire The Wonderful World of Disney gave us a Sunday evening rest, We anticipated Ed Sullivan’s line up of guests Until Huntley and Brinkley had breaking news Of another bloody episode of what we were going through, There was a march on the Pentagon, Pressure was mounting and Johnson was sweating. While the politicians were working to save face Deafening chants were demanding an end to the war. Something started with a cab driver in Newark, Cops didn’t like the way he drove the ...