Tasha Oosthuizen

I'm Tasha and I’m  21 years old, I'm currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing in university. I’m completely obsessed with Little Mix and Game of Thrones!

My instagram & twitter - @cactustasha

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A Collection of Short Poems Vol. 2
4 months ago
1. And what if flowers picked themselves, broke their stems & plucked their petals. All because they saw the damage we do to ourselves, and mistake it for beauty. 2. Walking through the maroon painted...
A Collection of Short Poems Vol.1
4 months ago
by Natasha Oosthuizen
At Midnight
4 months ago
you taste like coffee in the morning, honey in the golden afternoon. whiskey in the evening, and me at midnight. you attract yaws in the morning, bees in the sunlit afternoon. laughter in the evening,...
Walking Angel
5 months ago
You depend so much on my angel wings that you’ve started to pluck out the feathers by holding on too tightly. Every bunch that you pull out leaves spotty patches, In which you start to rub salt into m...