Tânia Miranda de Carvalho

Performer. Actor. From the Margem Sul of Portugal, based in London. Watch Maria José The Receptionist below!


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A Steel Box in Balance
3 months ago
Rise and shine! Wake up! She's been shot four times but still breathes. There's blood on her arms, legs. There's blood on her knees and fingers, but she's still breathing. Rise and shine girl it's tim...
Alfred's Question
5 months ago
I'm here to figure out whether I want to sit down tired. Or rest by experiencing. These were caused by my heart. I count 485 wrinkles, Each of which I want to walk past To each of which I wish to go b...
We Sat Down in a Table Facing Each Other And
6 months ago
We sat down in a table facing each other and I went on a journey. Your curved fingers were dry and your eyes were Your bag still in your back and beanie in your head and your mouth was Blank. I read y...
10 months ago
From here I can only see 9 floors. Cristiana lives in the fifth. My chest feels heavy. It always feels like I have an anchor inside it, pulling it down and making it beg for air. Well, not always, jus...
To Liberate
a year ago
The costs of my feminine African skin speaking costs me how I’m perceived – by others; Silence costs me how I’m perceived – by my own When, how, in what situations am I comfortable to be? Speech and s...
To Pollinate
a year ago
To pollinate is to enrich, to search. To give with no return. To begin fearful – as one browses through the blurry nutrients; To take time, learn the time Cope with the time. A soul. One is a soul – p...