Tânia Miranda de Carvalho

Performer. Actor. From the Margem Sul of Portugal, based in London. Watch Maria José The Receptionist below!


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Alfred's Question
14 days ago
I'm here to figure out whether I want to sit down tired. Or rest by experiencing. These were caused by my heart. I count 485 wrinkles, Each of which I want to walk past To each of which I wish to go b...
We Sat Down in a Table Facing Each Other And
a month ago
We sat down in a table facing each other and I went on a journey. Your curved fingers were dry and your eyes were Your bag still in your back and beanie in your head and your mouth was Blank. I read y...
6 months ago
From here I can only see 9 floors. Cristiana lives in the fifth. My chest feels heavy. It always feels like I have an anchor inside it, pulling it down and making it beg for air. Well, not always, jus...
To Liberate
7 months ago
The costs of my feminine African skin speaking costs me how I’m perceived – by others; Silence costs me how I’m perceived – by my own When, how, in what situations am I comfortable to be? Speech and s...
To Pollinate
7 months ago
To pollinate is to enrich, to search. To give with no return. To begin fearful – as one browses through the blurry nutrients; To take time, learn the time Cope with the time. A soul. One is a soul – p...